The Day I came to Face my chronic migraine/for me it’s important that we should know our family medical history for our generations.

its been 3 years ago I came across with a bad terrible headaches that I never had before but since young I believe I do have it but not as this one that I cant contain its pain and went to emergency clinic it did cause me to risk my life that I never known what was going on with me until I went to my doctor to get checked out there I was at the moment and time both my nurse and doctor was shocked with my blood pressure result they said if i did not came that day I would be dead by then I was glad I pay attention with my guts when I felt its time for me to see my doctor. since then I live with these medicines for my pains. I went to the emergency 3 times because of my blood pressure is so high and they cant figure it out why until they diagnose me with chronic migraine. I undergo a ct scan and cat scan to make sure I was OK and I’m glad everything is OK. After a week I went to neurology doctor and until now I been going there. The doctor is recommending a Botox but I said I have to think about it. I know I’m in pain when my migraine strike but putting anything or injecting into my body is a bit ? for me I need to do a lot of research before doing it. This Botox is OK for others I know and of course how do I know if its going to work for me if I don’t even want to try it right? I joined a group on Facebook with people who struggle with chronic migraine and go online and searched like I said and some of them said it works like a magic and some said it did not work so it just depend on the person I guess. never known how terrible having a migraine destroys you in so many ways.Because of how much I can control pain or my headaches before I never recognize which is a headache and migraine no Idea at all and I never know I been living it for so long its just now that I’m getting older that it gotten worse its crazy feelings. I’ve learned that migraine can be a family history issues also I remembered my grandpa from my mom’s side. I remembered he often banging his head to the wall when he had a headaches and some siblings of my mom has it also they are so prone and fragile with it and now my poor 15 year old niece has it too now I can better understand what is going on to me and to the family and in case one of our generation will have it we can know what to do and what to prevent because I assure you chronic migraine is not a joke. Im thankful none of my 3 kids has it now but I’m just worried my first one has a bleed nose everytime she has headaches when she was in elementary but it stop from high school until now that she is in college so she is under observation by mother 😉😍 with love and care. She is now 17 years old.Now as I manage to calm my pain every month with daily walking,try to watch I eat, sometimes I go to massage to released my muscle tension. Drink water or make sure hydrate your self throughout the day especially first thing in the morning before you start your day like eat eating a healthy breakfast before we start our day😉 ok for my next update blog and ready to share.God bless.


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