The voice of the unseen God

I am already 38 now with 3 beautiful kids with a wonderful husband we been married for almost 16 years but we been together for almost 20 years and counting.😉😍😘we are both LDS Christian. We believe in Jesus Christ. He was raised in the church and I was convert when I was 19 years old thanks to my aunt Jessica who was happen to be an LDS member at that time. But growing up I dont really have a good foundation of knowing who really Jesus Christ or God in my life just because non of my parents taught us who really Jesus into our lives, but I dont blame them because I know with them as well dont have no foundation whatsoever about him, inspite of not knowing or they did not start us to introduce our savior I know it’s not to late for me to start with my generation I believe that with these 2 words Believe and Faith had something to do to where I am right now he really did not forsaken me for even I know I felt like I am not worth it because of my unfaithful and dishonest heart. This experience is my true story when I was young freshmen in high school not a lot of people knows about this. This is my first time to share it to people or blog it. To those people who I can trust those are the only one who I shared it with. The reason why I don’t tell often because I don’t want to be told that I’m crazy or I just made up a story in which I did not and why should I? But as crossing my path I heard people telling their stories about their experiences about their dreams about seeing Jesus Christ in their dreams and sometimes I flash back those memories that had happen to me and sometimes if I saw interviews about near death experience and again it flask back to my experience so I’m thingking may be these are true that they are talking about because I had experience too as well.Sometimes I search about it but because of other things to be busy with I just couldn’t do it especially with my little one but now that I had chances I am determined to it and do reseach and to share my experience and after that experience I always had dreams and I believe in my heart that these dreams that we have is our own personal revelation for me what we believe. When I was 12 I was very ill and my mother got very worried and sad. The doctor don’t know what was going on with me. They made me went home the first time my mom rush me to the hospital but the second time I was confined to the hospital and there they found out I had stage 2 Dengue fever

Requires a medical diagnosis

Symptoms are high fever, rash, and muscle and joint pain. In severe cases there is serious bleeding and shock, which can be life threatening.


  • Typhus: Abdominal pain, rash, high fever, cough, headache, joint and muscle pain, nausea, chills, confusion and low blood pressure.

First time I saw my mom cried for almost a week and don’t know what to do. I was so weak and couldn’t move with my rapidly declining thin body of a 12 year old girl I hearsay those doctors that I don’t have a chance to live because the disease are already spreading fast and my hair is falling from my pillow. In my room their were 10 kids that are with the same symptoms like me and few of them died after 3 weeks that I was in that room. I don’t know how to pray or to start to pray before but I did start to pray. I prayed that we are all going to be ok who are left in that room. In 3 days there where brothers and sisters who comes in in our room and do prayer service at the hospital to say prayers to the sick people but, first they will ask permissions to you or your family if you like it some of them they don’t want it. My room friend refuse it and just because my mom was not their at the time I said ok😊when it was my turn.When they start to surround my bed and bow their heads and one of them start to pray and as I felt a different energy from them through my body I open my eyes and saw them with Crystal lights with pure white robes hand and hand I know what I saw an angels around me. After that prayers I felt relieve from pain. Little by lirrle my energy is coming back that I never felt since I got sick. After that experience and been at the hospital for almost 3 months thats the first and last time and never seen these people comes inside our room anymore I was thingking these were my angel that came for me to rescue me.I beleive! The time that I needed a blood transfusion I don’t have to get one. That’s awesome my mom was so happy😉. My experience never ended there yet.

12 years after since my near death experience and 38 of my life living one of the best experience that I will never forget. After 3 months the doctor told my mom what happen to me was a miracle from up above. By the time that I was resting at home my cousin Arlene was the one who is watching me those moment of my life was real when I saw the difference of good and bad side of both world in the name of how you call it deep sleep or near death experience🤔 whatever it is? That’s what had happen a cracking voice sound with dark robe appeared in front of me asking me to come with him but with my confident I revoked him and said I don’t want to go with him he ask me 3 times with different appearance. First, at the window a man with his black crow. Second, a witch lady with a long hair who walk on the air. Third, a man who is asking me to come with him…..
Next thing I know I woke up happy with a smile I felt lifted up high somewhere that I never had been before I saw these crystal clear light coming towards me. I can touch those clear snow white clouds and saw angels and hear a soft angelic voice I was telling him I am ready to come with him but I will never forget what he said to me He said go back dear daughter of God because you have callings that you did not finished yet. Again my cousin was crying and don’t know what to do because at that moment when this was happening and while happening I was catching up my breathe and she is trying to wake me up and she can’t wake me up and I am sweating real bad but after that angelic voice reassured that I’ll be fine I came back to my body and felt my body again for the first time and breath freely with care.

And that word daughter of God itself that when I know God and his kingdom is real. I believe that the living God and his Jesus Christ is always guiding us and whatever principles we are holding right now that we know by faith that is true pls hold on to that because it will save us to go back to our heavenly father and to his kingdom.


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