My wonderful husband while going through with a migraine attack :)

20180222_142454Two weeks ago I had20180211_090405 a worst migraine attack I almost went to the emergency. My poor husband cant seems to bear to see my pains and suffering I keep going to the bathroom from throwing up,but in spite of those pain I did try my very best not to go to the emergency. I did try everything  took all the  necessary natural I know that calm me down. My husband made me black tea. after I took the tea I went to my quite dark room to rest. while he took care of our two little one. I’m glad he is off that day. I love him. and love my 3 kids. But still migraine did not stop pounding my head but at least that black tea help me a little bit. since young I’m not pill filler so, I’m really trying my best to get out from it. I took my med according to the doctors order now because really at first I don’t. lol  I have  daily for my migraine  and med that I take if it gets worst if nothing works yup I take black tea put ice on where the pain is or do naturals that I know it helps me. now, I did researched that chiropractor can help so that I will try it might help me this time it says that they can figure it out what or where is the roots of that pains that your having so I’m crossing my fingers if this is it. so I’m hoping you my friend out there that might reading this that this might help you too.  My appointment is on march 9 so that would be my first visit I will be doing a journal so i will be doing my blog and sharing my experience about it. before trying BOTOX. I said NO!!… right now I have continuous pain on my back head down to my neck, shoulder to my back,but as long that I can carry on and wait for the chiropractor I can. I felt like I have whiplash but I don’t I never had an accident though but that how it felt.  Just prayed that everything is going to be ok.20180222_142350


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