Broken=token Family

I myself was a product of it at the age of 5 year old I can feel my parents presence was not at the same page and growing up, for me and my brother were still happy spite of all that unhappy moment but hey I guess that’s life. Life must go on with the too of us no matter what! that’s what I believe. My parents fell in love and get married at a very young age especially my mom she was only 14 years old and my dad was 20 at least older than my mom. and my mom had me when she was 15 years old. I never known what was going on but one thing that I know I love my parents no matter what and I surely understand them even their  mistakes because I know they are poorly had no foundation like me and my brother or my other siblings so I cant blame them if some part of my life is not successful right now. I’m just thankful for them because they give me chance to live. I know nothing is perfect! and challenges comes.

Growing up since 4th grade has been tough. For the first two years I was stunned acting out as random as I can. From that point besides dealing with my own problems I forced myself to seem mature on the outside even when I was hurt and crushed on the inside for my family. My brother was broken down without a father and my mother without a husband. I had to grow up quick. I wanted to understand why my father had to move out and then I later  my stepfather was touching me and my mom knew about it. To make the story short I told my mom about it which she just washed  about it and said its OK he is just being a good dad to me or trying to be a good dad to me. went to talk to my dad about it. but just because its already old story and he is far away from me and I’m not with my mom anymore and Philippine law sometimes is slow its hard to report to the police and its I’m very naive about reporting things like that back home we are not aware of bullying yet at that time in the 80’s   I then slowly found out the hard way that my father was never there for us. As I grew up I started to notice more things. How just the littlest things can lead people down the worst roads and end up destroying their lives. The question has run through my mind every day why do people have to be the way that they are. Why must life be so harsh? I have made the goal for myself to be as different as people in general as I can be. No matter whom it is I am kind to them. I will grow up to be the best parent anyone can be. If people tell me that I can’t do something, It will become my new goal and I will prove people wrong instead of cowering like the typical losers do. I will help anyone that needs it no matter the sacrifice. and now that I became parents with my wonderful husband I believe that I can we can do it together be been together for almost 18 years in counting.


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