My MIR vs. Xray

I was crazy dont know how to react about this but it gives me numb for a bit a while when I got my result from MIR. When I went to chiropractor I had an xray before doing my 4 sessions for them with that xray they found out that I have cervical spondylosis syndrome (straight neck) before I went to chiropractor I been telling to my primary doctor that my neck bothered me a lot that im in pain and I have back pain, and before that I had scenario that my left legs was in pain that I cant walk and I had to sit a tennis ball to relieve the pain then they diagnosed me for slip disc. But all they did was give me pain pill. No xray nothing! I was about to tell these doctor but they insisted these paon pills makes you better. So I just went home and did not take those heavy milligram doses of pills I just compressed hot and cold, massage and try my best to walk because I tried to be active and I’m kind of a person that dont like pills. Now with my MIR result it was a shocked i don’t know if its a miracle or what but, it says NORMAL but I went to another doctor for a second opinion what’s up with it because misdiagnosed is a dangerous thing in the world for me I have to make sure so this good doctore redo my whole xray so I hope that this is it. Now im waiting for the result.


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