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Most of the time when she was growing up until she turned 18 years old she never cared if they ask her what religion she because really at those moment in her life she never had a chance knowing who really God is. Probably was did introduce with her when she was young but no one really was ready held her hand to direct her to that path. And with her experience when introducing someone who never been to a place or trying to help a person for better its not that easy. so when she had a chance to changed her heart and accepted heavenly father into her life her life change for a better.So, this 19 year old young lady decided to be baptize from the remission of her sins and accept and forgive herself and try to not sin no more. Everything changed!!! miracle happens.. at church where she meet her future husband they got married and had 3 kids.they been together for almost 20 years and married for 16 years and counting.Now, that its been 19 years that she is a member of church LDS  or Later Day Saint of Jesus Christ. she’s a christian Mormon who believes in Jesus Christ like all the denomination  religion around the globe. she don’t regret, deny who she’d become because that’s  what she believe with her prayers  she knows in her heart these are true.  And every time they ask her what does she believe or what religion she belong she is is not afraid to say the truth.

why LDS or Latter Day Saints of Jesus Christ/ Mormon?